Fire Rated Glass in London of Exceptional Quality

Fire Rated Glass, also known as Fire Resistant Glass, is a specialist system that has been proven to provide a period of protection against fire during a Fire Resistance Test.

The degree of protection offered depends on the type of fire rated glass used – but generally all fire rated glass in London acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire.

Certain types of fire rated glass will also provide a degree of insulation against the heat of a fire.

The use of fire rated glass in London is therefore an important component in building safety and building regulations specify where it should be used.

More Information AboutĀ Fire Rated Glass in London

The flexibility of fire rated glass is its ability to compartmentalise and restrict fire damage, making it a fundamental part of fire strategy within a building.

Often used for areas which are designed to provide a safe exit or access route in the event of a fire, it helps to prevent the spread of fire throughout a building and to reduce structural damage.

At a first glance, fire rated glass in London might just look like normal glass – however this is misleading. Any glass without an official Fire Protection Rating will offer no protection against fire and will not comply with strict Building Regulations.

Other specialist glass such as safety glass will provide little to no protection against fire.

Only fire rated glass in London is capable of withstanding the temperatures reached during a fire and it is rigorously tested to ensure that the product is reliable and to understand the period of protection it can offer.

Our fire rated glass is:

  • Extensively tested
  • Part of a wide product range
  • Accredited


  • Available with acoustic rating
  • Available as IGUs with internal blinds
  • Available with impact safety rating

Fire Resistance Tests on our Fire Rated Glass in London are carried out by independent test companies and comply with all relevant Fire Test Standards.

All fire rated glass should be installed as per the test evidence in regards to the sizing, frame and installation materials; only then will it provide the protection quoted in its Fire Protection Rating.

If the glass was installed into a different frame, or with different materials – this would negate the fire rating and therefore protection of the product.

Therefore, having access to the relevant test evidence when purchasing fire rated glass is fundamental.

If you require more information, please contact us today and we will be able to further your inquiry. All of our project managers carry vast fire safety knowledge.

Our supplies of fire rated glass in London and surrounding areas has a number of uses, comes in different forms and is highly flexible.

It comes as polished, wired or laminated (otherwise referred to as toughened).

It can come come as a single glazed partition, or as part of an insulated glass unit. It can also be used as a vision panel or privacy panel, side panel or multiple glazed partitions.