Glass Partitions in London with Manifestation

Glass Partitions in London to Improve Office Feng Shui

16 Aug 2018

At Glass Walls London, we supply and install glass partitions in London, and are able to cater for any project – regardless of it’s size. This could be just a singular screen and a door, to a complete office or even an entire building.

With a vast array of options, and the ability to tailor any design to your requirements or design needs, we’re the go to provider of glass partitions in London.

As a minimum with Glass Walls London, you can expect a dedicated project contact who will provide guidance from start to finish and offer full supervision of the project.

Improve the feel of your Office with Glass Partitions in London

For those not aware of feng shui, it’s a Chinese pseudoscience that claims to use energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment – often with furniture having an effect on said individuals.

Glass represents the ‘water’ element of feng Shui and provides clarity, cleanliness and an enhanced ability to concentrate. Whilst a glass desk isn’t recommended for a positive feng shui – there’s nothing wrong with glass partitions.

We are able to supply and install single and double glazed glass partitions, as well as fire rated glass. We can also provide deep deflection head detail, allowing for movement in the structure.

The process comes across seven steps, starting with the design consultation, before your select your system and we give you a quote. Then you’ll order, we’ll deliver and install, and you’ll have perfect glass partitions in London.

Contact us regarding Glass Partitions in London

Our glass partitions in London are part of a quick and clean installation, and require low-cost maintenance once installed. As well as this, our teams are highly trained.

If you’d like to learn more about our high quality partitions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.