Fire rated glass

Glass Partitions in London Prove to be Advantageous

16 Aug 2018

We are able to supply and install single and double glazed glass partitions in London, as well as fire rated glass, and offer systems in 27mm single glazed, 54mm double glazed and 100mm mixed systems.

We undertake all risk assessments and method statements before commencing with the work, ensuring all health and safety regulations are met, as well as having installation teams that are all Construction Skills Certification Scheme qualified.

With over 20 years of experience in installing glass partitions in London, we specialise in these products and our passion will be visible through the quality of work and speed of our service.

The Advantages Glass Partitions in London Provide

  • Successfully using natural light

Glass partitions are a great way of segregating workplace teams whilst maintaining natural light transfer through a building. They also maintain a spacious feeling.

  • Improving staff productivity, morale and more

Light is vitalising and your teams will be more efficient and alert because of exactly that. As well, even though you’re separating the workforce, employees can still communicate and see each other, and executives are visible throughout the day unless their glass is frosted.

  • Saving money

Glass partitions in London reduce the need for artificial lighting due to the natural light they let in, which in turn will lower the electricity bills.

  • Professional outlook

Glass partitions show that a business is modern and open to criticism. Clients will get the feeling that there’s nothing to hide, making them more comfortable and giving your business a more human feel.

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